Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wagon cloning

Just a bit of a look at some blatant cloning - having been very impressed with Perfect World's tiny open wagon and van, I have knocked together a couple of copies out of lolly sticks and so on - not quite as detailed but half the price.

At the back of the worktop, some strange characters lurk near another wagon project....

Progress report:

I've been busy today with fitting door knobs, invisible hinges, and handrails onto the bogie brake, and a tiny bit of progress on the cattle creep out in the garden.

The brake is looking good in grey, and guard "Marcel" now has ears and a scarf, and his own wooden stool!

Poor "Jesty" remains sidelined pending the arrival of a 0.9 mm allen key so I can re-attach the errant crank to the rear axle.

The wagons above are now grey with black underframes and everything is now lead weighted.


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