Saturday, July 22, 2006

Moving on

As recently touted - my next project will be a 27' Bristol Carriage Works Open 3rd Bogie Coach.

This picture shows one ply side ready cut out on top of the Railway Bylines magazine with a picture of the vehicle concerned at the top of the left hand page. I'm working on using an overlay of coffee stirers for the matchwood sides.

This is the underframe - just stripwood glued and pinned with panel pins.

Meanwhile the bogie brake continues to progress - here is the truss rod, turnbuckle and brake gear detail - all made from rod, tube and strip.

Here is the stove and chimney installed in the corner of the guard's compartment - Marcel is going to have it all snug in there soon.

The strange angle makes it look huge - its not!

Running the brake tonight leads me to think my track may be a little too tightly curved - or too kinked - near the house - I'll be looking hard at this as soon as possible.

Another view of the stove, here you can see the cut out where a cone of incence can be placed to give a smoke effect.

The good news is that the 28p allen key from Squires has fixed Jesty's crank problem and we're back in steam!


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