Saturday, September 09, 2006

Smoking pot.....bellied stove

I have been asked for more details regarding the smoke effect for my bogie brake, so here they are:

The chimney is made from bits of brass tube, scrap brass, and a readily available metal disk that costs 1p from any bank...

Not very obvious from this side view is that the platform that the cone sits on is tilted up from the back so that the tip of the cone is under the tube. I did have a notion to use a hood but it proved easier to use the ramp.

The stove is just Femo clay and cocktail sticks for legs.

The cones are available in many stores that sell incense or jossticks.

This is the side view with the "smoke on" as they say in the Red Arrows!

The smoke sometimes misses th echimney and appears from any available orifice - I'm sure this is prototypical!

Front - or normal viewing angle view with the cone mostly hidden - once the thing is installed in the brake you can hardly see anything anyway!

The smoke is hard to photograph, but it is quite a good effect, and it smells good too!

Next instalment will feature the working lamps.....


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