Sunday, October 08, 2006

Progress Report

The good news is that there has been major progress on the construction of the extension. A really nice sunny day today gave us a boost and the trackbed - now up to 1 1/2 blocks high is cemented in up to the edge of the patio.

This is the scene early of today with the first of the blocks already in (coming in from top right) and work progressing on the next run. Note the folly behind - that's my stockpile!

This is the view the other way, showing the curve to the right where the patio is. All of these blocks are now aligned, leveled and cemented in place. The thermalite blocks are great, light to use, easy to saw in half if you need to - and I have most of these ones will have a half hight block beneath them to raise them up to level.

Here we see the works train - see earlier in the week after getting the track down as far as where the blocks start. The wood blocks all need treating and this will be done soon before everything is nailled down. The crew have taken the loco back up the line - probably to find some snap.

Here's me placing another block - dressed for protection against the pesky mosquitos that plague this area at this time of the year - we live by the Dee Marshes and there is always a queue of the beasties waiting to have a drop of blood whenever they get the chance.

"Yes you can have the screwdriver, but I want it back as soon as you have finished with it - and I have counted the screws - you can have 2." - Matlida - Clerk of Works


Blogger Andy said...

Cool! I'm looking forward to see how you go further. Glad I don't have to deal with Mathilda

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