Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The first cut.... Abrafiles to the rescue

So how do you cut out shapes out of thicker metal? Having been used to 7mm scale where a piercing saw suffices, 16mm needed a rather more substantial solution:

It took a while to track these down, but Reeves2000 sell Abrafile - or radial - file "blades" which are a bit like tile cutting saw blades but thinner, and fit into a standard hacksaw frame using a pair of special adaptors. You can buy these if you can find them, but I cobbled a couple out of some scrap strip.

Here we see the first cuts into the frames of my de Winton. These are 2 1/16" strips bolted together, the left hand cutout was started by a piercing saw and is a bit wayward but the second cut is much smoother and it is so much faster than using a piercing saw. A further bonus is that the blades are much stronger - I'm still on my first.....

Another closer view: This also illustrates well the old dictum: Measure twice, measure again, check it and then cut - I almost forgot where I was measuring from - several weeks having elapsed since I started this piece - felt tip lines are easy to remove but not saw cuts!

And this fuzzy affair is the reversing lever stand - my first tapping job too:

More to come soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your model is super, mine would be too but where on earth do you buy an abrafile, been searching for a week or more, need to file down the wheel arches on my model steam engine

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See here

11:15 AM  

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