Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fireworks for New Link!

How appropriate that the whole nation is currently setting off fireworks and lighting great bonfires! Can it all be to celebrate the completion of our continuous circuit of track? I guess not, but there is an air of celebrario here and the two pictures below will show why:

This action shot shows "Jesty" just coming off the new link in the background. These last few yards of track mean that the old circuit is now converted into a loop and provides us now with a continuous run of some 50 yards or so. To the left is one of the newly planted Lonicera bushes that will form semi-scale trees alongside the line once established.

Here is a general view of the link snaking under the jasmin and behind the conifer to join the old circuit beyond the tree.

We're by no means finished , but it feeld good to be able to run a train right round after so much work!

And here is some of this week's work - the new raised section looking up the garden with the woodwork retaining walls and the planting done.

The same section looking down the garden. Our local plant purveyor was having a sale this week so week managed to get a lot of small conifers and dome thyme and other alpines quite cheaply.

Gentiana planted lineside. Only half of the raised section has been finished to this standard so far - and none of the track has been ballasted yet. I'm going to use "Rowlands mix" for this when the time comes because is will allow me to sweep the leaves off the track - a problem for all sizes of railway this time of the year.

Driver's eye view of the raised section.


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Looking good!

Thanks for the link as well... I don't get on with HTML but I'll try and reciprocate...

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