Friday, November 02, 2007



Loco #3 "Palmer" has appeared from Talbot works resplendent in a coat of something like BR Corporate Blue. Testing has revealed an uncanny ability for this loco to keep going so long as the axles are oiled where they pass through the chassis, and decent batteries are used. A set of 1000mHa NiMh AAAs are on order. Driver Henderson has been allocated this locomotive and he has adopted a thick sheepskin airman's jacket to help protect himself from the inclement weather. Driver Henderson's cat "Billy" is often seen on the footplate, we think he is attracted by the warm gearbox casing. The NGR management is considering whether this loco is worthy of a pair of etched nameplates.

Loco #1 "Jesty" remains the top performer and is currently being fitted with a heavy duty front buffer beam.

Loco #7 "Jack Tawes" is still having problems with melting springs, but staff are now becoming more used to dealing with the problem.

The bogie brake has recently received a Mark 4b bogie - so the vehicle now has two Mark 4 bogies - a 4a and a 4b. The difference between the a and b designations are that the bearings are set into the frames on the 4b and are thus slightly narrower. This is possible because Talbot works now has a proper set of HSS steel drill bits. The Works are considering moving the pivots outboard slightly to improve the vehicles ability to cope with the notorious tight northern curves.

The fleet of smaller freight wagons, mostly used for maintenance trains, has been given a good going over and is now fully operational, consisting 3 small opens, one larger open and a van. It is expected that loco #3 "Palmer" will be the regular motive power for these vehicles.

A programme of ash ballasting is well under way, with the wilder areas of trackwork being treated first. This will continue through the winter months as the raw material is in wider supply.


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Suddenly loads of updates! Cool. Please keep blogging. The diesel colour scheme shows an uncanny resemblance to the one I'm building at the moment

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