Wednesday, March 22, 2006 the snow

The other day it showed unusually heavily for around here, and it wasn't long before I was clearing the track in the garden and raising steam.

Here is "Jesty" with the engineers' train - a combination of Perfect Worlds kits, blatant copies made using lolly sticks, and my 4 wheeler coach - all a little small for the big engine, but looking good here.

The lamp seems to work well and the other one will be ordered soon, and the toolbox fitted over the switch....

The snow takes away most of the usual scale clues and its just fab to run in the cold anyway - clouds of steam everywhere.

Sadly, the ground has been to hard to finish relaying the top end of the loop, so we couldn't have continuous running.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Class 37

Here is my first ever new N gauge loco - its a Bachmann/Farish class 37 in large logo BR blue - 37417 "Highland Region".

Gilly treated me for my forthcoming birthday (thanks! ;-) ) during a visit to Hatton's "new" shop out in Liverpool.

Initial impressions are very good - the loco pulled 2 old coaches along our "test track" at a very slow crawl straight out of the box - probably helped by having drive and pickup to all 12 wheels. The track has laid in the garage for 18 months and my 45+ year old Marshal III power control unit is not the best power supply ever, so this is even more impressive.

Great things are expected - there's Kato Unitrack on its way and who knows what next?

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