Monday, January 21, 2008


I've been inspired by Andy Evans' work on Growler 1 over in Germany, working in clean white plasticard has a certain appeal - it's akin to the spotless engineering that you see in Formula 1 workshops. Others have also been at work in this stuff, not least Jim Russell with his bo-bo loco.

I also have a fond liking for Bruce Bates' "Birdwater & Raspberry" series .....

Things have been stirring in Talbot Works and whilst it's all kept well hidden in a dark corner under a couple of tatty tarps, news will out soon!

More crew news

I've had some fun creating crew for "Jack Tawes":

Here is father and son team - Dad driving - "Slim" firing on the steps -
as yet headless but we'll soon solve that!

"Slim" is my first attempt at a pose that involves measuring so that the hand on the rail agrees with the foot on the step and so on....