Thursday, October 19, 2006

Head of steel marches on

Two views of the patio curve - in the bottom one you can see how close the extension runs to the original loop and how much the line climbs to the top of the garden - the new lline is dead level with the top - hence the blocks.

I have stolen the basic construction method from Keef of the Catnap & Frog (previously Chidham Light) Railway - the spaces between the boards will be filled and planted, and there will probably be some planting in front of the boards too. These Thermalite blocks are a breeze (ha!) to use - you can even saw them in half - or thirds or anyway you like.

The paving stone path will be lifted soon - the slabs to be re-used as a possible cut and cover tunnel further along the line.

Below are two shots of the first train down the new line - the top one just to show the amazing amount of steam on a cool damp evening.


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